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25 Mar 2016

If you are waiting for your customers to thank you for your technical services, you're missing a great marketing opportunity: the success story.

Even most coherent thanks a lot or testimonial from your customer tells a partial story. The information what you did are simply partially explained since the customer quite rightly assumes you already know all that. In addition, the client's praise may mislead other clients, referring to a technology by the wrong name, for instance, or over-simplifying a breakthrough.

Profitable story avoids those problems and means that you receive the credit you deserve. Profitable story is under your control because you weave the story you want to tell around the customer's quotes and...

25 Mar 2016

The Definition of success is: The achievement of something, desired, planned or attempted. So as a brief explanation just means anything that you are hoping to do or be, whether starting your own business, making more money, writing a magazine, etc. Once you get the life that you have envisioned in your thoughts, that is what makes you successful.

Eric Thomas, "world known" motivational speaker's video went viral. He was quoted saying if you want success badly as you want to breathe, you will subsequently be successful. Wow I know everyone wants to breathe so really what are the steps to become a real success story? Folks are yearning and wanting success. Everybody wants to make more money, or have greater than we already...

25 Mar 2016
Starting out - Don't Over Complicate

We are what I like to view being a "blank sheet" marketeer. What that means in my experience is that I can please take a concept, idea or product and find some basic data via research or whatever can be obtained and then just start putting thoughts together and shape a narrative around it. Like a former entrepreneur, this was one of my biggest challenges and accomplishments of my career, transforming an intangible concept right into a 25-page business plan that would entice investors- beginning with a blank sheet of paper. If I had a perfect analogy for content development, I'd say it's really a lot like cooking. As well as the best cooking originates from scratch.

So when you are...

25 Mar 2016

Business startup testimonials abound! Particularly in this economy, most people are opening home based businesses and creating amazing results. Let me go over how.

What do you might need to start a business? Do you need a giant, complicated business plan to present to banks to get a loan? Do you need to present the blueprint to tons of investors and quit shares and power over the energy and work you commit? Possibly you 'must' have a lot of property and equipment and many employees to manage who produce your product or service? Or you need to negotiate with many different vendors and the stress linked with paying them punctually?

Do you actually desire all those headaches?

No? Great! You actually don't need any of those...

25 Mar 2016

The difference between most of us and the Henry Ford and Bill Gates of this world could be the total self-belief and confidence inside their ideas to just "make it!" No hassle the size, no issue the stove, no issue the naysayer around them. And, knowing packed well how the road to achieving their intention was going to be paved with key set-backs and failures.

You've heard many of the stories concerning the above icons and people like Bill gates, Newton and Henry Ford. Their journeys were loaded with huge difficulty, devastating setbacks and yes, heartbreaking failures. But still, because of the sheer a higher level faith in themselves along with what they set out to achieve, we were holding able to leave a legacy that...

25 Mar 2016
Today there are far more online success stories than in the past. In the past there have been generations of usa citizens raised on successes of men and women who invented a product or came up with a thought that made them rich. Today everything has changed. There are few stories of those that have become successful from the offline world. With manufacturing moving offshore and thus much of what we consume being imported, there's not as much opportunity to come up with a lot of money in the traditional way. But also in the world of the Internet, success is starting to become common, and more people every single day are starting to notice.

It is not just the obvious online successes such as with Mark Zuckerberg, the...

25 Mar 2016

What effect does your existing relationship have on your ability to succeed story? No relationship leaves you an identical way: it builds you up or destroys you, determines your failure or success in your life. Therefore, it is very essential to know how to build quality relationship. This post aims to equip you with basic but adequate knowledge on the way to do just that.

Through skillful and godly Wisdom is really a house (a life, a property, a family) built, by understanding it is established [on a solid and good foundation], by knowledge shall its chambers [of every area] be filled with all precious and pleasant riches. - Proverb 24: 3-4 (AMP)

A gentle answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words awaken anger. A man hath...

25 Mar 2016

Do you like reading about the online success of others? Does one daydream about what it would be like to be able to inform your boss that you're leaving? Why don't you consider imagining what life would be like if you might get up each day and merely choose what you want to do, knowing that all the bills are taken care of and that there will always be enough cash in the bank to let you do that one thing to do and anytime to do it?

Sounds good doesn't it? Does that sort of life look really good to you? How would you feel whether or not this was you in one of those success stories? So ask yourself this: why not? Why don't you make the decision that it's finally time and energy to be the success story! Stop daydreaming over...

25 Mar 2016

When it comes to success stories, there is only one that counts better than all the others.


The reality is that you will never qualify as a hit story until you have helped others to get success stories too. To be pointed out as a success story, you'll need every ounce of willing success enable you to can get, a cheering part of people whom you permit to adopt prideful credit for the success story.

This is a rule to remember: people aren't going to exert themselves to cause you to a success story if you're not willing and able to help them become one also.

What can be better for a business than a bunch of people trying tough to make each other look good!

But watch out! There is a snare here -- oftentimes a hidden...

25 Mar 2016
True success stories tend not to happen overnight generally. Winning the lottery is just not one of the true success stories-it is just a case of someone getting lucky. Whether you want to lose weight, start your own personal business, move up the organization ladder, or just become successful in your own home, there are issues that you can do to be successful. So, next time you see those testimonials on the news or in your preferred magazine, don't just walk away and say "that will never happen to me." Allow the stories and the individuals in them inspire you to make more of your life. Here are some principles you can find in success stories:

1. Ensure that you define success clearly by yourself. If you think that success...